Yu Xu

Hi, I'm Yu Xu. I received my PhD in Information Systems from the Department of Informatics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, advised by Michael J. Lee. I am a proud member of Gidget Lab. My human-computer interaction (HCI) research focuses on the emergence, maintenance and improvement of social relationships in the context of online shopping and social media, as well as the human-centered design of software to facilitate meaningful interpersonal interactions in the course of collaborative online shopping activities.

Before my current PhD program, I earned my LL.B degree from China Foreign Affairs University, and M.S. degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. I have also worked as a market research analyst at MediaRadar, Inc. for one year and a half. This broad experience motivates me to design and frame research questions with an awareness of the rich interactions that connect people with technology and unfold the real world.

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I have four semesters of experience teaching courses pertaining to Human-Computer Interaction with an emphasis on User Experience Design (UXD). I have experience teaching at the undergraduate (IS247) and graduate levels (IS661), including courses taught exclusively face-to-face (6 semesters) and exclusively online (1 semester). My courses focus on user-centered software development and cover the following topics: lean software engineering (Lean UX), user experience design, interaction design, UX research methods, usability testing, and project management. Deliverables at the end of each semester include an interactive prototype and a written report documenting the students’ user-centered software design and development process. This report has served as a portfolio of work that yielded former students full-time and internship positions in the tech industry. I received 2018 Ying Wu College of Computing Excellence in Teaching Award for a teaching rating of 3.9/4.0.

Specific skills taught and practiced by students in my courses include:

1. Semi-structured interviews

2. Competitive research/claims analysis

3. Identification of a target market and construction user personas

4. Context scenarios - a "day in the life" prior to the students' technology intervention

5. Card sorting to brainstorm solution ideas

6. Context/Activity scenarios - a "day in the life" with the students' intervention/solution

7. Key path scenarios - interactive prototypes demonstrate the solution's unique value proposition

8. Usability tests - moderated, qualitative usability tests utilizing a think aloud protocol